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Once in a blood moon, I would join in when my wife is meeting up and hanging with her friends to catch up or for a celebration meal. Unlike guys, girls have plenty to catch up on. Conversation topics range from career to cats, houses to travel, husbands to boyfriends, and babies. Usually I don't really have much to contribute so most of the time, I would listen and sketch at the same time, like a nerd at a corner of the table, listening to girly talk, that may last for hours. Over years, I got to know them better and I am glad and thankful to get to know them through my wife. Here are their portraits In this sketch not drawn to complete likeness, and my attempt to draw food for the first time on Procreate.

These were what we ordered from P.S Cafe.

Chicken sandwich that came in quite a good portion for 2 maybe.

Caesar chicken salad bowl

Yoghurt muesli with strawberry topping.
There were more  but these were the ones I managed to sketched on my iPad, of course with much difficulty.

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