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Sketching Tony Chua at Costa Coffee Vivo City

Coffee and brekkie with Tony Chua who has decided to sketch the Sentosa waterfront from Vivo City, a day after the Trump Kim Show without the added security, road blocks and crowds. This sketch shows Tony looking contemplative at Costa Cafe after reading the news coverage of the summit on a local paper. It would be hard to shake off the images of Trump and Kim from your head after being bombarded with so many images of them on the paper. Then without warning, Tony, being himself, began to scream at the fact that Singapore should spend all that money to put up a show for the 'clowns'. I wanted to say that the money spent was nothing (disputable) to the country. At least now the world knows Singapore is not in China, but in Malaysia. That's a huge progress I reckon. Knowing that I couldn't change his mind, I kept the golden silence. Anyway, our minds were preoccupied with sketching the waterfront so we headed out in no time just to find that it was pouring cats and dogs. 🤗😘😅😆 #herofountainpen #watercolor#sketchbook #urbansketchers

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