Some sketches done before the pandemic

In general my usual sketching activity revolves around sketching people. There was a time I was sketching buildings quite frequently but I can assure you I have not stopped that. It is just that people are everywhere and I am simply acting out of convenience. Sitting at a cafe, or having a meal at certain restaurants, we are bound to see people, engaging in their own personal activities. It is offensive to take pictures without their permission, whilst taking pictures of people eating is just too easy and uninteresting. 

When you draw, you are creating your own composition or study on the go. There is no staging or manipulating what's in front of you. All kinds of manipulation is happening on paper. You can choose to take out certain people who are in your way or not contributing to the composition. You can also choose to draw people to likeness or stylised. It is not about copying what you see, which is what I have to remind myself. The spread is my playground. I can do whatever I want on the page. I usually give myself different objectives each time I sit down to draw. Sometimes I would draw like I am producing a comic book, sometimes I would "collage" individual studies onto the page, and sometimes I want to tell a better story of the place and the "mood". There are times I simply want to practice drawing people quickly and make a collection of people in different gestures or a record of how people are dressed.

It is endless and I hope to see more people taking up this challenge.

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