Sketching @ a Neighbourhood Food Market


Starting the first sketch on a new sketch book. This is the usual sketching spot on a weekend - a neighbourhood food market that we have been frequenting for breakfast and many miscellaneous meals for the last 20 years. Since we moved into this neighbourhood. nothing has changed much in the food market. However though there were some stalls that closed and stall owners left, there were new ones that came and stayed. I remembered fondly of the aunty who would cook up my favourite ikanbilis fried rice, even when she has retired for more than 10 years, I could still remember how her fried rice tasted like. There are also stalls that lasted for so long and there are stalls that I have not even patronised once. The food market is always known for cheap street food which is why many residents come for meals. Another welcoming factor is that the effect of inflation is not that evident mostly. But crossing my fingers that this will stay more or less the same for the next 10 years. I wouldn’t want things to change much not even when I am ready to retire.

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