Digital Watercolour on Corel Painter 2017

I chanced on someone doing a demonstration with Corel Painter and decided to find out what is the latest version available now. I am not surprised to see that the newest is named Corel Painter 2017. These days, every software is named after the year it was developed. Adobe Photoshop is not PhotoshopCC 2017 too, and the same goes to the rest in the suite.

Corel Painter 2017 is free to download and use for 30 days. So I downloaded the trial, tested the speed of the brushes, especially Real Watercolour Brushes, and added a wash layer to a sketch I did with Procreate on iPad Pro. Loved the result, though it got really slow at certain times. I also tested the paper texture and use the Fat Real Chalk for it and turns out pretty good too. See result below.

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