Daub Brushes for Clip Studio Paint Ex/Pro

Sometimes finding brushes for your Digital Painting Apps is like finding gold. However, there is no need to dig deep because at this time and age, resources are everywhere on the Internet. One of them is "Daub Brushes" - a website resource created by Paolo Limoncelli who has made brushes for apps like Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, Photoshop and even Affinity Designer. You may follow his twitter account here. Most importantly his brushes are available here - https://www.daub-brushes.com/#home

A UX/UI designer by day, a brush technical experts by night. Daub brushes emulated natural look of how real brushes created strokes on paper or canvas with real paint and pigments. I am particularly interested in the brushes he created for Clip Studio Paint.

There is one set he is giving free - that is the Pencils brushes. I downloaded the free Pencils to give it a try. They responded very well to the app. No lag and they look pretty natural. There is info if you need to customise the tools - https://gumroad.com/read

The result of my test.

6 tools suitable for drafting, shading or whatever...
Fast, texture free and snappy!
Greasil - Greasy pencil
Natural Pencil MkII HB and 2B - Based on my Natural Pencil preset 
Fine Pencil Hard and Soft - No tilt here, fine and fast.
For Shading - Flat, realistic shading graphite
Plus New presets and a Quick&Dirty solution to tilt pencil for shading designed for non-wacom users

On the website, he features some artists who used his brushes to create art.

Brushes are just tools. Ultimately, the artists' creativity and innovation play is more important in creating and making art. You may have the best tools in the world, but you may not be able to wield them as you wish if you don't practice or see the real world with your eyes and observation.

I have been using Clip Studio Paint more so I could avoid using Photoshop. Kyle's brushes on Photoshop CC 2018 and 2019 are awesome. I am so tempted to use them but Photoshop can be quite expensive (Pricing). It is also getting heavy on the machine, running slower than ever. I need something fast and intuitive. Though Clip Studio requires somewhat a learning curve, it is still worthwhile to have another tool up your sleeve. In fact Clip has been winning more and more artists over to its side as it has more functions, runs lighter and faster, and doesn't require a yearly subscription fee. Upgrade is free too.

So far I have created a full comic book in Clip Studio totally, from scratch to print without Photoshop which proves that Clip is as robust as the more popular app in the market.

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