The Story of how my MIL fell and broke her hip

 The sketch wasn't dated on the sketchbook unfortunately, but from another sketch, the incident happened on 18 Aug 2022, a working Thursday. We received a call that late afternoon from mum who was also with the domestic helper. She said she just slipped while trying to open a cabinet over her head and fell on her side. She wasn't in a lot of pain but she was not able to get up. We arranged for an ambulance immediately and in about half an hour she was brought to the nearest hospital. 

She was already settled in the ward when we got to the hospital. Along the way we were praying for her and for her wellbeing. Since the hospital was still practicing Covid-19 safety measures, only one visitor was allowed to see her at one time. We took turns to enter the ward to see her. She seemed well thank God for His protection. She wasn't in a lot of pain, in fact she said she did not feel pain at all, to our surprise. Interestingly she was not worried of her condition and was also well aware that she would get better. When visiting time was over, we left to let her rest. 

The following morning we went back to the hospital to hear what the doc has to say. From the x-ray, the neck of the left femur has broken off. I managed to do up a quick sketch of the x-ray, and noticed that the ball of the thigh bone has remained in the socket. I cringed at the sight, also thinking to myself that she must have had some weakness at the joint for a long time for it to be fractured so easily. My mum-in-law had trouble walking properly for a couple of years now so finally it manifest as a fracture after a fall. She still seemed well and ate well too. She was more worried of the latest lottery results than her condition as she was relentless about her lottery app not working and has repeatedly instructed us to bring her the ticket stubs and the results slips soonest possible.

She was later transferred to a state hospital so she could get a better care but the process came with long waiting time and the lobby. We waited almost 2 hours as the emergency room was packed with patients and visitors. After that she was then scheduled for surgery to have her hip joint replaced. 

Praise the Lord, the operation went well. My wife visited her soon after the surgery to find her rested, alert and still worried of the lottery result. To satisfy your curiosity, she did not win any but revealed to us that she has won a few thousand dollars from the last 2 months of betting. Anyway in within a week, she was discharged from the hospital. The domestic helper also received a fair bit of instruction on handing and helping immobility from the physiotherapist. Seeing her recovering pretty well, the doc decided to discharge her quickly in order to vacant more bed space for other patients.

My mum came to visit her at her home too. She even cooked up some soup and brought fruits as a gesture of care and concern. This has engraved a huge impression on my mother in law and till this day she was still talking about it. Cut the long story short, my mum in law is now walking better than before the fall, thanks to the new hip. There was no cost for the hospital stay and the surgery. Everything was paid for through her pension and state subsidy. Yes our healthcare system is working, especially for the elderly. God's favour and grace was indeed on her. In fact the first private hospital where she was admitted after the fall even paid her a $40 that we have no idea where this amount came from. Anyway who cares where this money came from. Any true blue Singaporean would simply deposit the cheque with no question ask and then deal with things later. :D 

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