Storytelling mode of Sketching


I have been using this comic book style of sketching people for quite some time already but each time it yields different results. The approach was actually introduced to me by a sketcher and illustrator friend of mine quite a while ago but I kept at it and felt that this method keeps me on my toes and steer me away from staying too long in my comfort zone. I would draw each panel different by varying the size of the frame, and the proportion or scale of the figures within each panel, as though I am looking through a camera lens as I sketch. It may seem obvious at first but our minds’ eyes are powerful enough to zoom in and out of what we see with our physical eyes.

When I sketched this way, the frame was done partially first and then I would plan out the composition by imagining a virtual frame or picture plane in front of me, giving myself a ballpark of how much to place inside the panel. Then scaling these down into the panel size on paper. To further the challenge, I would draw direct on the sketchbook without a prior pencil sketch. This forced me to really plan ahead and see the composition first before laying down the first strokes of the pen.

It may seem a lot of work but trust me it is extremely therapeutic and fun of course.

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