Recycling dried up Water based Pigment in a tube

While cleaning my work area, I found a dried up titanium white gouache tube that has been lying around for while. Not wanting to waste the pigment, I did some reading up and found a way to recycle or reactivate any dried up pigment. Here's the instruction in a visual presentation.
Process of recycling dried up pigment for water based pigments.
 Process of reactivate dried up pigment.[/caption] It's a very easy process. Simply grind the dried pigment into tiny powder with a pestle and mortar if you have both. Pour warm water to dissolve the grounded particles and then for my case, I added a little glycerol to slow down the speed of drying. I placed the mixture in a air tight container for future use. The bottle comes in quite handy whenever I wanted to add white to my image. Just in case you are wondering. Dried up acrylics is not possible to be recycled because the pigment dries like plastic and becomes impossible to be dissolved again.

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