Urbansketching - Bali Lane at Kampong Glam, Singapore

Sketching Bali Lane at Kampong Glam, Singapore. 

My last visit to Kampong Glam was in 24 Feb 2018, when Rob Sketcherman (http://www.sketcherman.com/) was in Singapore to conduct a Procreate workshop for the teachers. No one knows Procreate like he does and he is the best person to speak to in terms of creating artwork via the digital platform. His passion and his dedication to teaching is intoxicating, especially when you hear him speak with his deep, mesmerising voice of his.

Well, on that day, I had the honours of sketching with Rob and spending the entire day sketching and exploring the enclaves of Singapore, just him and me. Kampong Glam simply offers the best and the most glamorous of Singapore's shophouses. This sketch was done along Bali Lane. We sat at a cafe with a great view to a shophouse that is also converted into a bar and drinking place. The ambience was chill while the weather was cooling and windy. The best concoction for sketchers like us who perspire easily in hot humid climate.

Sketch of Bali Lane

I have never gotten tired of this place since I first came in 2011 just solely for the purpose of sketching. This was done on the iPad Pro with Procreate. Rob did one of the same angle too, but of a different design and composition. Here's a close up of the sketch shown above.

Our sketches side by side. Mine was without color at first. But I wanted to take a pic of the backdrop while there was still light.

Some fun pictures of Rob with the Urbansketchers Singapore people.

And a sketch of Rob Sketcherman himself.

Sketch of Rob Sketcherman

Rob and Louisa paid a visit to my humble abode. Memories!

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