Sketching people at Telok Blangah Drive Food Center | Urbansketching Weekend

It was only after we moved back to our own apartment at Telok Blangah Heights in July last year (2017), we are eating more at the food center located along Telok Blangah Drive. In three months' time, it will be a year since. Our favourite stall at the food center is Chai Tow Kway (Teochew Carrot Cake) that has been around since 1998. News got around and the stall got a lot more and more popular. Like just today, on a Saturday morning, the wait for your black or white Chai Tow Kway can be about an hour. Minimally 30 mins. You might think the line and wait time will shorten. No, you are wrong. The Q doesn't stop until it is closing time, which is usually at 2.30PM, when everyone in and around the neighborhood has eaten, fed and left.

Best time to sketch people would be from 9-11AM, when there is the most crowd. Of course it also depends whether you could find a seat for yourself. It's hard to find but there is always an empty table or an empty space for one or two. For me we could always find one that faces the line that leads to the famous chai tow kway stall. The line would be endless and I could spend like an hour sketching the people who are hungry for some black or white fried carrot cake. So far I have accumulated quite a number of people sketches that were made in this manner.

Here's another sketch of the stall with aunty in it.

If you are interested and curious, do pay aunty a visit. She works very hard to keep the business prosperous, and she says she doesn't fall sick and have not gotten any MC since how many years ago. I am very tempted to draw with big bulgy muscles for her relentless hardship.

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