Corel Painter 2018 New Release | Natural Media Brushes & more

This is not a review but I was testing Corel Painter 2018 trial version to see how it works with my computer. I am particularly interested in the Real Watercolor brushes and the speed at which these brushes will deliver on a 3-4 year old iMac I am using. The result - not bad. I did not wait long for the watercolor effects to take place for most or almost all the real watercolor brushes. Here're the brushes.

These were done on a 1920px X 1080px canvas at 150dpi. However on my iMac, the software takes about 1 min to load up. Probably just my computer. I am also very curious of the thick brushes that are added to the new release. Here are the test results.

Now, knowing how the brushes look is just part of the equation. The fun and most challenging part is still using them to make your digital painting looks convincingly traditional, which is the craze now in the digital painting arena. If you are a trained artist in the traditional mediums like oils and acrylics, you may welcome the new additions, and may use the tools to your advantage.

There is also a new set of brush tools aimed for beginning Digital Painters (like me) - the new NATURAL MEDIA BRUSH LIBRARY - offers quick access to a range of brushes that are named similarly to the types of brushes used in the traditional process, eg. filbert and fan brushes etc. The easily recognisable names and icons (see below) allow new painters to know the effects they produces. Here's the set for Oils.

To access the Natural Media Brushes Library, in the Brush Selector panel (Window  Brush Selector Panel), choose Natural Media Brushes from the Brush Library list box.

In addition you may also alter the surface lighting preferences to allow for an added level of impasto to the brush strokes used to add your texture. I alter the sense of depth via the directional lighting setting. Here's how you may access the setting menu, and the setting values. 

That's all for now. Will post the painting result soon.

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