My Apple Phone and Tablet Collection since 2008

They say Apple has created a cult. The members of this cult have all gone crazy for Apple's products especially towards the smart phones and tablets series. I do believe the range of products that were created since the launch of the first device has touched many, including myself. My first device was the iPod, but back then I could't really afford an iPhone until 2010, when I converted from using a HTC smartphone to iPhone 4S. The switch was the best thing, and since then I have not used another other smart device except Apple's.

The thirst for a good digital drawing device has led me to acquire an iPad, but I wasn't able to get it to work as well as I wanted it to. My next upgrade was iPad Mini, which after trying out several stylus from various brands, including the Wacom Creative Stylus 1 & 2, I decided to just forget about drawing on the iPad, though I had some but rare successes. A friend of mine managed to get his iPad 2 and the Wacom stylus 2 to work very well together. He proudly showed me his drawings done with the duo. I blamed it on my first generation iPad Mini which I used for browsing the internet and reading.

iPhone 6+ was a wonderful improvement. I enjoyed the big screen, clarity and speed. The camera is great and everything works to perfection, except for drawing. The drawing apps on the Plus, to me are not working for me. On the verge of giving up, a friend advised me to wait for the newest iPad that would be launched near the end of 2015. Little did I know that it would be the iPad Pro. After seeing the numerous demo videos, I was immediately bought in. I bought the iPad Pro in the month of December when it was made available in the shops and then waited 3 weeks for my online order of the Apple Pencil to arrive.

They are magical to work with and to sketch with. Light weight and sync seamlessly, the 2 devices work so well together I have not felt happier drawing on the tablet. There is still some getting use to with the drawing app (Procreate) , but so far, the drawing experience is great. I am now looking forward to more upgrades with the app so it can offer more.

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