Drawing with my favourite tools: Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

Don Low | Apple Pencil | IPad Pro | Procreate

I have been drawing more and more with the iPad Pro because it is so handy and allows me to draw anywhere and anytime. Besides I discovered a great way to carry them around together without having to use the original box that the Apple Pencil came with. I used a Gridit carrier that a friend gave me on my birthday. It wasn't doing anything so far so I think I am going to put it in good use now. It can hold other things too. 

For now, I am finally not desk bound when I want to draw digitally. I am now drawing on my iPad Pro on my bed while watching movies on the TV or reading a book on the bed or something. If you have worked on your desk for the entire day and wanted to get a break from it, but still want to doodle, iPad Pro is the solution for me. Here's a sketch and doodle paying homage to Ashley Wood. Everyone's favourite comic artist and illustrator.

Hanging out in the cafe was fun too if I have my iPad Pro with me. I am not going to be deterred by dim lighting anymore. Drawing with Procreate offers me with lotsa versatility. With all the digital advantages I have on hand, I have kept in mind to not to rely too much on the digital format, so besides the eraser tool and scaling function, I have tried to minimise the use of other functions, even avoiding the use of zooming in to draw details. This is actually made possible with the use of Apple Pencil, which has a good "point" just like a sharpened pencil or fine point pen. I could see what and where I am drawing now because of that.

Here's a good example of not making my digital drawing look to digital. I have kept the toning or shading rough and "dirty". I avoided blending or creating gradients, even filling out large areas with blacks or a shade. You get a little impatience sometimes with drawing digitally but I tried my best not to use shortcuts. Fortunately, Procreate does not have too many tools like Photoshop, so doing that is not so difficult.

Overall, drawing digitally allows me draw much faster and more without having to carry with me too many things. Adding white for example was easy in this case. Not using transparency tools, but simply controlling the pressure on the pen to get different degrees of lightness. I am still trying to make my lines for gestural, just needing practice on the tool.

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