Drawing with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

My cat, Tibby
To draw on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is fun. The technology finally gels with the hand of an artist. No more glitch, no more tearing your hair trying to pair something together; or getting broken lines during the process of drawing that kills your artistic flow instantly; or crashes of the apps. Not only that, the Apple Pencil has offer more; Tilt and Pressure sensitivity, just like using a real pencil, though not exactly. My true love still remains with traditional tools and materials like pen and brush, and the tooth and texture of paper or the resistance that you get when you draw on paper. The speed of drawing changes with the wielding of the tools while the tools and materials changes how the drawings look on paper. So every artist has his or her own drawing characters.

But the drawing process doesn't change with a digital tool. Drawing still involves the perception, how we see, and translation of what we have understood from what we see onto paper or canvas.

Recently, while searching for a relatively cheap sketchbook to draw on for all my daily visual journal, I found Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook; the latter is retailing quite expensively in Singapore. I got my cheap stash from Book Depository, almost more than halved the prices in the shops. Initially I wanted to do more watercolour on Moleskine watercolour book, but I found that it is better with brush pen and fountain pens. Here's one with brush pen.

A first drawing done on the first day of the New Year while having our first breakfast.

Another brush pen was used to add tones to the original black and white inked drawings. The brush pen comes with preloaded grey ink. I bought another with blue but have not tried using it to replace the grey for my drawings yet. It will be interesting.

By the way, a Happy New Year to all you who reads my blog. A big thank you too.

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