First location sketch with iPad Pro & Apple Pencil (review)

iPad Pro & Apple Pencil
I met a friend for coffee at a cafe also to let him test run the iPad Pro and the Apple pencil. After I fired up the App and setup the canvas, he started to draw, and within 5 mins he completed a drawing, without any problem. The Pencil was already synced and the communication between the devices was flawless. I used to try sync-ing the Wacom Creative Stylus (both v1 & 2), there was always problem. Even so for the Jot stylus, especially when bluetooth is concerned, and you want palm rejection to work. 

Later we decided to each draw the scene after brunch. I used iPad while my friend used his own method of drawing on paper and then paint with water-colour. I took a little longer to finish mine (above), but that was because he is always faster than me. I did the sketch with Procreate because it is still the only App that responses very well with the stylus. It offers a range of brush tools that emulates the effect of drawing traditionally on paper, like bleeds and paper textures, so the final drawing does not look too digital. I am always a line kind of person, so this style of drawing appeals to me all the time. The only thing that bothers me with Procreate is, there is no fill bucket. I don't know why this bothers me because I don't have a fill bucket if I am drawing with my actual brush pen. To fill in the blacks I have to paint it stroke after stroke too. 

What impress me most is the tilt capability combined with pressure sensitivity of the Pencil stylus. Most importantly they work very well with Procreate.  

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