Dr Sketchy Session #13 Results

My first Dr Sketchy Session. Just what is Dr Sketchy: Read more here. If you are too lazy to surf the Net, here's an excerpt - "Dr. Sketchy's is the little Brooklyn event that became a movement. Founded in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy's asked a simple question. Why can't drawing naked people be sexy?" Dr Sketchy is life drawing but more than just nude models and serious sketching. Models are usually beautiful burlesque performers, and including bizarre circus acts, and rippling hunks of man-flesh. They are then let loose on stage to release the artist in the artists! In between each round of sketching our larger-than-life models you get a chance to grab a drink get comfortable and take in some of the finest burlesque, comedy, music, poetry and quirky cabaret performances the big smoke has to offer.

Dr Sketchy isn't about being an amazing artist, as long as you can put pencil to paper and move it around that's good enough for us and you never know you might just unleash that artist inside.

It's what art classes would be if the class was let loose in the Moulin Rouge.

Hopefully this is okay to appear on Facebook. Anyway I did some similar life drawing sessions but not Dr Sketchy when I was living in Glendale. Dr Sketchy was held in LA but it is a 40 mins drive to town whereas the one I went was organized by Pasadena Art Center's professor for the working artists living in the Burbank and Glendale area. Models are clothed too. You can see the events here - Glendale Drawing Club. When I was heading back home last year, I wished there is something like this, but little did I know that there is already Dr Sketchy in Singapore. Well this is the result of a 3-hour life drawing session.

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