Coffee @ Toa Payoh North where I work

[caption id="attachment_1233" align="alignleft" width="554" caption="Toa Payoh North Canteen"][/caption]

The pic said it all.
Anyway I did this not long ago, the date was May 22, but only to manage to scan it last night and post it on the blog. Just wanna say sketching has been the link between the world and myself ever since I have started journal sketching and got to like it a lot. It is not just all about creating the best looking artwork on an expensive sketchbook, but it is a way of keeping tab of your life as well. Like I said before I was really inspired by Danny Gregory who started a group and published a book called "Everyday Matters" - a memoir about his wife’s accident and how he learned to draw - a must read. Visit his website and get inspired. A sketch journal can be anything. It doesn't need the best looking artwork or drawing; it can be your lunch, something you collected or even your thoughts about a place. Whenever I sketched, i told myself it is not going to be a good drawing, so it looses me to be free and gives me the courage to make mistake and learn from it - after all it is my personal diary. "The beauty of a sketch journal is that you are creating an illuminated journal" -- Hannah Hinchman.

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