Another evening @ Tiong Bahru

[caption id="attachment_1230" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="Seng Poh Road"][/caption]

We were back in Tiong Bahru again. This time we were sketching as a little group of 3, Paul, Tia and myself. We were there at about 5.30pm which wasn't so bad. There wasn't a crowd since it was a Sunday, but the weather was slightly more humid than yesterday. All of us have stools to sit on. Good thing for that because I wouldn't need to be limited to areas where I could sit and sketch. Now I am mobile. There was a point we were sitting on a grass patch, but it proofed to be a bad choice as much later we were actually attacked by small red ants and mosquitoes. I felt a bite on my left arm just when I was putting on the finishing touch with  wash. We decided to call it a day and headed off for dinner with Tia's friends KK and Yvonne. Kat finished her shopping at Orchard so she joined us just in time for food. Yes during the joyous conversation we had over dinner, I learned a new word, Genius Loci from this group of architect friends. It means "the distinctive atmosphere or pervading spirit of a place". While I was sketching Tiong Bahru yesterday, I was running through in my mind what's the best descriptive word to present this charming location. Charm, quaint or maybe Genius Loci. Though it has a so called "watered down" art deco style of architecture, in my opinion, it has a very unique characteristic, set apart from the usual HDB style of design. I am glad this location is preserved.

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