A nice evening @ Tiong Bahru

[caption id="attachment_1224" align="alignleft" width="553" caption="Sketching @ Tiong Bahru"][/caption]

I grew up in Kim Tian Place - a very old estate in the near vicinity of Tiong Bahru. In fact, I walk to my primary school - Bukit Ho Swee East Primary School, via Tiong Bahru. I love to eat at the Tiong Bahru food centre, where I would go for my favorite Chueh Kuey all the time. Today I was back here for a meeting at a gallery with Tia and the urban sketchers. After the meeting I saw that the weather was perfect to sit in the open. I chose a nice spot where I was overlooking a typical building with the Tiong Bahru architectural flavor so I could sketch it. During the time in which I was sketching, I realized that the neighborhood was very peaceful and quiet. Maybe it was already late in the evening --- but there is something very different in this estate that made me felt like I wasn't in Singapore. Couldn't explain why.


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