Craving for Laksa

[caption id="attachment_854" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Laksa"]Laksa[/caption]

When I was overseas I was having Laksa in my dreams. Now that I am back, I had to have it. We were out shopping at Bugis Junction when this particular food strip caught our eyes. We used to have Hainanese chicken rice there pretty often. Without much thought we walked towards the tables and was immediately greeted and welcomed to be seated. I ordered chicken rice while Kat is going to have Laksa. Our orders came within minutes! That's one thing I loved about eating here in Singapore... since competition is really steep, everyone is up and about to serve you quickly for fear that customers would "run". We have to pay for the food whenever it arrives at your table. It is a pay-n-eat system here. My Hainanese chicken rice cost only SGD3.80 while Kat's laksa is at SGD4.00. Everything totaled to be less than USD 5 (approx). So cheap!!! (for more info about what's laksa check out:

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