First post after coming back to Singapore

[caption id="attachment_851" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Under the weather"]Under the weather[/caption]

We have finally returned after making America our home for 3.5 years (more or less). When asked on how I feel about it, I said I have mixed emotions. On one hand I was actually looking forward to coming back. On the other, I know I am going to miss all the friends and relationships established in the States. How so? We have been hanging out a lot, almost everyday, drinking, eating and having loads of fun together. Here, we have friends too, lotsa, but kinda different. We don't hang out just for no good reasons. People are too busy to do just that. Every fellowships are structured and must have an objective. No one laughs anymore. Next is the weather... I have not adjusted to it since our return a week ago. In fact I told numerous people that I have not adjusted to the weather since I was born. There is no way I could stay dry and cool in this humidity even in an air-conditioned premise. Literally I am swimming in my own perspiration, not a single moment I look like the person next to me. How did everyone stay dry?? Astounding!! Just incredible. However there were moments of comfort too when I saw some people having beads of sweat shimmering on their foreheads, but still, they are not like me who is 'pouring". Anyway I am glad to be back. I think our parents missed us a lot. :)

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