Mural Painting: A Collaboration between @james.ek & @cktanjames for a Cafe in Holland Village

The final outcome of the mural was pleasantly surprised. We were surprised too based on the fact that our first thoughts and sketches were really "sketchy". We enjoyed the teamwork, and the suggestions thrown off by the three of us, and how we have worked towards melting three completely different styles in terms of our illustration approaches into something that works as a whole. However in retrospect, we could do better but all of us wanted to finished at least within the day since it was not a paid project. We did everything in just 2 hours started from 11am and ended somewhere in 1pm, and did the finishing touches till 2pm. We gave our best within a short period of time.

Besides, I learned something. People don't sign off with a simple signature anymore. For better exposure and publicity, the trend is using out Instagram handlers, so mine is @donlowart. Do come by for a chat.

The final outcome.

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