Ushering in the year of 2018

The last month of 2017 was a busy month for me. I was rushing to finish off the comic book project that my friends and I started a year plus ago. 3 books were launched already, and 4 more are coming. I am with one of the 4 that is going to be launched in the month of March. The finished art has just been sent for printing over the weekend in the beginning of Feb. I breath a sigh of relief now.

December 2017 was trying. I received news of me teaching 3 new courses that I have not touched on for quite some time. Classes starting in Jan. My teaching schedule is crazy, only leaving me with one free day within a week to get things done. If not for the comic project, it would be easier on me. Come 2018, I had no mood to celebrate though we had some form of simple count down and celebrations with friends and family. Through it all, my mind was preoccupied with finishing the project and preparing for classes.

I had no idea how the weeks went. The last 2 weeks of Jan I was down with flu, and cold, having bouts of chill towards the evening and aching joints in the bones. These went on for days and to make things worst, I had a number of sleepless nights, waking up in the middle of the night feeling very panicky.

Classes are not into the 4th and 5th academic week. Thank God I survived so far. I managed to draw a little on the last week of Jan and over the first Feb weekend. I have recovered from my cold but with a little cough lingering in the throat. At least I am sleeping well now. Stress is real. Stress can lower a person's immunity against many things, and causes insomnia and unrestful sleeps. It gets worse if it continues. My heart goes out to those who are living in stress, because it is not something that one could get out by willing himself out of it.

God is my key to getting out of stress. There is nothing else I could do except to rely on Him to straighten my path ahead of me and trusting Him to make everything right. I only need to sit and rest and enjoy the blessing of peace that he has freely blessed me with. And I am also very thankful for my wife who has always been very supportive and encouraging.

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