Counting Down to a New Year, 2018

Christmas 2017 Don Low Illustration
First Christmas, then a New Year. When it was November last year, the count down began. My classes ended in the first 2 weeks of November, then it was a rush to submit the grades. When that was done, there was the preparation for the India trip in mid December, and then rushing to finish my comics by Dec. I knew it was impossible but I have to try.

Come December, I was glad to be able to spend a great "holiday" in India with my wife. For me it was a week of dedicated time for sketching. It was a fruitful trip, unforgettable experience and a real getaway from urban lifestyle. Very soon, it was Christmas, then came the partying, gathering and friends meet up.

I managed to come up with a personal Christmas card done on my iPad Pro, using ClipStudio Paint Ex, that I downloaded very recently. It comes with subscription base purchase but there was a free trial period of 6 months. I have been using ClipStudio Paint for my comics since half a year ago, and I could see the potential of it taking over Photoshop completely.

Within a week it was New Year countdown. More partying and of course not forgetting a personal New Year card that was drawn during a friends' party while waiting for the clock to strike 12AM on New Year's eve. Everyone was watching TV but fortunately I had my iPad Pro. This time I used Procreate for the card illustration. From start to finish art, the whole process took about less than an hour and it was done even before it was 2018. Time well spent.

Happy New Year guys!!

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