I am beginning to make more sketches on recent days, after feeling much better and recovering from cold that lasted 2 weeks, for no good reason. And of course I am freeing up just a little this week and felt more relax to draw in class. I am still not sketching yet in public places, but tomorrow, I will be leading a group of students to do some figure sketching in a mall.

Here's one I did in a class while the students were busy at work on my assignments. It is not always I get to do this to de-stress as most of the time I need to walk my rounds and make sure everyone is on the same page. I did this with a brush pen on an A3 copy paper - papers are provided free for students, therefore I am also taking advantage of this as well.

I brought the pics of the sketch taken by my iPhone into Clipstudio Paint and filled in the grey background to make the figures stand out a little better. I am pretty pleased with the result. I bought the full program so I could learn to use it for my comics production. Its taking over Photoshop now because of its speed and ease of use.

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