Digital sketching during breakfast

It's Saturday morning again, time for breakfast and some sketching over my favourite coffee brewed traditionally in the local style. We were again back to our fav haunt just a short walk from where we live. The most difficult part of this journey to the kopitiam is crossing a three lane single direction road, flanked by, on one side shophouses, and on the other, condominiums. Timing is crucial. We could only cross when the traffic light located about 80m ahead of us turns red for the incoming traffic. On most occasions, we have to make a dash across as most cars do not show mercy. It's too far for us to walk to the traffic light and back again. It's doesn't make sense too as the kopitiam is just 30m right across. 

Ever since I bought my iPad Pro, I have been bringing it for my breakfast sketching expedition since it doesn't involve much. I placed it in a nifty cloth bag with the Apple Pencil and iPhone, and slung over my shoulder. I chose the iPad over my traditional tools just because it's convenient. Furthermore, an iPad alone also offers more than it looks. Procreate provides all the necessary tools I need, ranging from pencil brushes to even textured brushes. 

When we arrived, the kopitiam was already quite occupied. The only table we got for ourselves only allow me to face out of the kopitiam. But new tables were opened and filled up very soon as we were just about to order our coffee. As you can see from the first sketch, it is customary for some customers to drive up and park beside the kopitiam. There are about 3-4 parking lots along the road. With your car just parked beside you, you could rest easy without placing a parking coupon and not worry about being sneaked up by the parking attendant without you noticing. 

If its not too noisy sometimes, you could make out what others were talking about. But I usually made up the dialogue in the sketch as I am not particularly interested in what others have to say. I presume if it's not about the government, then it's complaining about their spouses or children, or maybe how tough life is.

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