West Coast Park: Sketching and Painting Trip

I have finally changed the blog header image to one that shows my painting setup. The image above shows it too, with detail labels of the stuff I brought with me. I placed everything on a lightweight trolly I recently purchased from a Chinese online store. It is collapsible and can be folded into something that measure not more than 1' X 1' in dimension. Very handy to bring around. Today I tested it out at West Coast Park, rolling it across some winding path with slight elevation to where the coast line is, about 200m from where I parked my car. So far nothing gave.

Weather was good this morning. I arrived at about 845am. Not breezy but I could find a nice shady spot where I could clearly see the coast and the beach.

The beach of west coast
Unlike East Coast Park, the beach at West Coast Park is not mean for beach goers, nor swimmers. But it is a great spot for artists especially for those who love to sketch or paint boats. I don't think there is any other place in Singapore that look like this.
Watercolor on Saunders paper
It has been a long time since I painted outdoors on my own. The trip to Bali was great. I will be showing the sketches and paintings I did in Bali soon. The sketch above was done on Saunders paper. I did the lines with a Pentel brush pen, and then fill in the colours with Lukas watercolor. My first using Lukas half pans. The mobile box comes with 24 colours which are easily activated and dissolved in water, and stayed wet throughout my painting duration. I could scoop fresh paint from the cakes to add thick strokes of pigment for dry brushing and dark ascents for the finishing touches.

Overall, I had a great painting trip. A wonderful morning with manageable temperature and humidity. I tested the Lukas paint box and to my delight, the pigments worked wonderful.


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