A Panoramic Sketch of shoppers in a shopping mall

With iPad Pro, Apple Pencil & Procreate
For Singapore, Mothers' Day falls on 8 May this year, 2016. Naturally, it is right to celebrate this grand occasion with a sumptuous meal, however it could get a little tricky to get a table in a restaurant in a shopping mall, because everyone would be sharing the same idea of celebrating Mothers' Day with a family dinner. Quite expectedly, the mall was crowded but not as crowded as what I have expected. As we approached the restaurant we wanted to eat in, we saw a little line, and the server was busy with several customers in the line. When we were attended to, we were told we have to order set meals because À la carte orders were not available on Mothers' Day. Well, we walked away as we thought it wasn't worth the money. A simple set meal for 4 could cost at least SGD150 for 6 dishes, including desert. We reckoned we couldn't eat that much too. We walked down to the first level of Parkway Parade (recent it caught fire and has to be closed for a day on 16 May 2016) and decided to settle in "Chicken Up", a Korean fried chicken restaurant. We loved fried chicken but we also ordered for mom a Ginseng Herbal Chicken Soup that was shared among four of us. Eventually we couldn't finish the meal and have to packed to go. The entire dinner cost about SGD80 plus.

During the course of dinner, I drew the busy scene in front of me, with some personal interpretations and capturing some likeness as well. I simply populated the entire sketch with people coming and going, usually from memory. The trick is to remember (as much as possible) the shape that constitute to the figure, pose and so forth. Every figure has its unique stance, pose and the sum of it is the shape or silhouette we register in our mind, more or less with or without the details. Some knowledge of anatomy would be helpful, certainly the ability to draw the proportion is good too.

Overall I am satisfied with the result of this sketch. The composition was balanced with the strategic placements of the darks creating a rhythm leading the eyes from one point to another and back again. The white spaces also create spots of resting areas for the viewer's eyes but also place certain emphasis on specific areas of the sketch/ drawing. Sometimes not much planning was made during the process of sketching, most of the time many decisions were made somewhat intuitively. Draw more think less.... hmmmm.

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