Traditional Medium versus Digital Medium

Watercolour (traditional) medium versus iPad Pro Digital Sketching

Objectively it is not difficult to compare. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both mediums show some similarities and of course many more differences. Some may like one and dislike the other. Some, like me, show equal liking for both. I so think the iPad Pro with Procreate would be a great combination and good opportunity to marry both digital and traditional mediums together.

 Sometimes iPad is my preferred choice of drawing platform because it is convenient. Like I said before it only require an Apple Pencil. No fuss with filling ink, skipped lines, ink splatter and so forth. And henceforth, over time, drawing with the iPad can eventually get a little monotonous, especially when you are through with customising your own brushes, making new ones and experimenting with them to make every brush stroke looking natural, and mastering them.

To make the drawing process with the iPad Pro to feel less digital, I try to avoid using functions like, zoom-in, zoom-out, or even Undo. I even allow some marks that were caused by failed palm rejection. I would draw with one layer, even with adding colours, so that the process feels like drawing on paper, well, as much as possible.

However, no matter how you try to reverse the digital process, nothing beats the paper texture, the feel of the tooth against your pen, causing skipped lines, splatter, scratches and much more. Though these things can be created in the digital medium (some artists actually went through lotsa pain to emulate the traditional look and feel), they cannot get as spontaneous as drawing and painting on paper.

Take for example the painting above. It was done with watercolor on Saunders paper NOT. Half way through the painting, it started to rain and the rain got quite heavy. I was fortunately sat under a little awning of a restaurant so I was kept dry throughout. But the painting was outside the awning, though I tried to keep it sheltered, the paper got wetter and wetter as I painted. But I loved the result!! Something that is pretty hard to achieve in a digital medium.

In conclusion, just stick to whatever brings you joy in drawing!

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