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What's my creative license?
I used to have a very different definition of creativity and my own creative license in the past, but not so long ago past. I am glad to be introduced to Danny Gregory who in his own words helped many artists and creative people alike re-think of our creative licenses. Through his published books, I got to know many others who have at the same time redefined themselves too.  I have learned to appreciate the little things in life, through sketching. Besides experimenting with materials and tools, colors and techniques, sketching has released my heart to receive things that are mundane and common in the eyes of many others. When that happens, I become less dissatisfied during those moments when things don't happen the way I wanted.

In his book, "Creative License", Danny said on page 132, "Be Prepared.... at times you will feel ecstatic about what you are doing and releasing. Then you will balk. You will rationalize inactivity and debate the point of continuing. You will bargain with yourself, like a drug addict wheedling for a fix. Breaking habits is hard, and there are always reasons not to. Starting new habits takes dedication and commitment.... "

What excuses are we giving ourselves not to draw? Talent is not the issue. Finding the right sketchbook is a procrastination. Artists starve? No time? I am making up excuses for me to continue to draw. We all should.

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