Sketching with an iPhone

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Sketching has never been the same since the "invention" of iPhone and iPad. With these nifty gadgets on hand, we have allowed digital drawing and sketching to be more mobile. I used to have an iPod Touch on which I have tried doodling but gave up after a couple of weeks. When I got my iPhone just recently I was really excited about sketching with it but have never got around to do it. Then there was a day I left home without my sketchbook and felt the itch to sketch, I decided to sketch with my iPhone.

My experience - sketching with an iPhone is not as tactile as sketching on paper with a pen or pencil. But it has its edge. With the proper application, you could have the whole set of drawing tools all stored nicely in one little metal case. FYI, I am using Autodesk Sketchbook.

The funny thing is, since I am not using a Stylus when I sketched, I would be seen "stroking" my iPhone throughout the duration of sketching my subject. This is something that I need to get used to do. So everything was done with a finger so to speak.

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