Hari Raya Haji

Yesterday was a public holiday in celebration of Hari Raya Haji. We have 2 parties to go to. The first was my friend's 3-year old daughter's birthday party. The second was a house warming. The thought of going to 2 parties on a holiday tired me out already. Besides we have to pick up some friends too along the way. Not making any matter better, the first party was held in Jurong West, which is in the extreme west of Singapore. Whilst we are living in the east side, so we have a long ride! However comparing to driving across the US (which we have already done so twice), this was nothing. Nonetheless I enjoyed being in the company of friends so we could get rowdy. I drank too much and so much during the first party I got a headache in the second. Then there was more drinking to cool the night off. We had fun, but we were so tired in the end we couldn't fall asleep when we got home. Physically we were tired, but mentally we were still partying!

These were some of the sketches I did in the second party.

Kids belonging to a friend of mine
The kids are namely Kelvin and Charmaine.

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