Illustrating with Clip Studio Paint and KOI Sakura brush pens

Illustrating with Clip Studio Paint and KOI Sakura brush pens

This is actually a real encounter. When I was driving by an open air parking lot, I saw a man (quite elderly) standing beside his vehicle with his arms behind his back, looking at the damage on his car forlornly. Judging by his body language, he must have felt quite indignant about it. He maybe blaming himself for getting involved in an accident that caused a dent on the car door. If I am not wrong, he must have turned out from somewhere too suddenly and failed or refused to check for incoming vehicles. I felt sorry for him but at the same time thought he should have been more careful. I have seen too many reckless driving recently and drivers are just not considering the safety of other road users. Most accidents I have seen were usually involving older drivers who might have taken safety for granted.

Colour corrected.

Sometimes it was just ego. Everywhere in the world, male ego has been causing lotsa accidents. Here in Singapore, male drivers hate to see another car cutting in front of them, even though it was just a simple lane changing. To get back at others, many would deliberately change lane by speeding in front of another car, or simply speed up to avoid being cut. If you have spent enough time on the road, this phenomenon is very common.

KOI Sakura Brush Markers
Anyway, here's another version I did by painting with KOI brush pens direct on paper. These Koi markers are brilliant and work well with any paper. I did this on bleed proof papers from Borden & Riley. I really like how this one looks. A lot more gritty and less sterile like a digital illustration.
So I added a noisy layer over the digital version to see how it looks.

And a grunge worn out layer.

The final illustration with grunge


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