How to pack light for your sketching trips II

How to pack light for a sketching trip II?

If you are sketching and painting monochromatically (without colours), here are the essentials:

1. Sketchbook (or loose sheets of papers) - if you are going to a symposium, you could purchase a sketchbook at the registration booth.

2. Round watercolour brush - the size depending on how large you are sketching.

3. Markers (of different sizes - I love 0.8 & 1.0mm)
4. Small water container with cap.

5. Artgraf for tones - tin cover can double as a mixing palette.

6. Paper towel (napkin) - you could get these from hotel or restaurant.

Optional: A square watercolour brush, opaque gouache white, and graphite pencil. These fit nicely in a medium size pouch or stationery case.

I like Goldline (ivory white) sketchbooks from Clairefontaine. But this is hard to come by here cos supplier prefers to bring in non ivory white as it is more popular. I used to like A5 size sketchbooks but I am changing to square format if I can find any, since it opens nicely to a double square.

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