Virtual Plein Air Sketching from a reference image

boat quay-sm
A friend was sketching on-location at a backlane in Boat Quay, Singapore. he posted a picture of the location and the angle he was sketching on FB. I was having some free time on hand, so I sketched it on my sketchbook the moment I saw the picture. For this drawing, I was using a 9018 Hero Fountain pen filled with Atramentis Archive black ink. The ink is waterproof and light fast as well. Image result for atramentis ink

Image above is from ( Archive and Document Ink are similar. I scanned the sketch and opened it in a drawing app on my desktop. Converted the drawing layer into "Multiply" colour mode and added colours on a second layer below. The background colour was also added digitally to emulate a toned paper. I won't pass any chance of adding colours to my sketch with watercolours too.


I extended up the canvas to balance the composition when I was painting digitally. I have more colours when I was painting with watercolours. I quite like the results from both.

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