Digital Screentones or Halftones

I always have an affinity for screentones or halftones... probably because I love looking at the BW versions of comics in books and magazines, especially manga or Japanese comics. I don't really enjoy comics that are coloured. The colours covered all the beautiful lines that the comic artists put in so much time and effort to produce. I enjoy seeing the line art, the line quality, or even the textural quality of lines made with brushes.

When image editing programs are able to use digital halftones, I jumped onto the wagon immediately because it is so much easier to use them. Unlike in the past, I have to use a razor, and a stump for the entire process of using halftones on my artwork. I even have someone to help me with the tedious work of cutting and pasting. Moreover screentones were so rare in those days, we could hardly find any in Singapore. Friends went to Japan to get and we all share by using the photocopied versions. It was more economical that way.

When I first visited Japan, I bought a ton of those but did not use them because they are just too precious. I was just buying for the fun and sake of keeping for keepsake. Yes I am a hoarder. I have already migrated to using digital screentones so the physical ones are really just for nostalgia.

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