Testing OHTO Jazz Fountain Pen: Don Low

I only come to know OHTO series of pens and fountain pens when Tokyo Hands was launched in Singapore. The store carries an assortment of pens that are offered to shoppers to try. This is good because at least buyers would know what they are buying. I tested out the OHTO Jazz fountain pen and found that it delivers quite nice lines and yet there is a small amount of flex in the tines of the nibs. I love flex because I like to exert some pressure to get some variations of line width while I draw. I got a similar one named Namiki Falcon from Pilot. It is relatively more expensive. The latter has flex that I like too.

Here's a product shot of the Jazz Fountain Pen.

For a change, I bought the one with the white barrel and casing.  It has a wide body that allows for good grip and is made of lacqured aluminium with lacquered brass endcaps. I don't really like the smooth grip section because it tends to slip when my hand is dry. The steel nib is Iridium tipped so it is built to last. A black ink cartridge is included when you purchase the pen but the ink, to my disappointment is not water-proof. So never add water-colour wash to the inked drawing. I am going to change out the ink to platinum carbon ink later.

Here's a pix of the one I bought. But I am not endorsing Tokyo Hands though the opening of their flagship at Westgate Mall has done a lot of good. I visited a branch opened in Suntec City which is a lot more convenient for me because I live in the East and work in the South West.

My test yields good results. It took me a while to coax the ink out from the cartridge and to the feed. After that it is behaving okay. But so far, I am facing a slight problem. When I was testing the flex by continuous drawing a few lines in short succession, the ink stopped after a while. Most likely the ink wasn't quick enough to refill the feed and reservoir. Well, let's see.

Overall I like it because it does not feel plastic-ky because of the aluminium casing. The sleek shiny smooth section makes it look stylish. I also like the look of the slender nib, and most important of all, the flex in the tines. Since it is made of lacquered metal, it feels weighty too. The Jazz Fountain pen doesn't feel like a cheap pen most certainly.

One more drawing with the pen.

My trolley and tools

Trolley bought from a China online store

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