Sketching Spree with an iPad Pro with Procreate, made possible by Apple Pencil

Initial test drawings on the new iPad Pro (First Generation)

Digital Sketching with an iPad Pro | Apple Pencil[/caption] For the digital sketch above, I was using an iPad Pro measuring 12.9" that I bought back in Dec 2015. So it has been about 1.5 years using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to satisfy my craving to sketch on the digital platform. The person who has inspired me to sketch digitally is Rob Sketcherman ( who has started sketching with the regular iPad and a non-ApplePencil stylus. He has made on his blog, many recommendations on how to sketch digitally from which I drew my knowledge from. I think its me, but I just couldn't do what he did with his gadgets.

First off, instead of using a second or third generation iPad at that time, I was using the first, that did not work well with any of the styluses I purchased. When I tried on a iPad Mini, its configuration wasn't working well too. I had enough from trying so I gave up, honestly. When I met Rob in Singapore during the 4th USK Symposium, he told me to hold back from buying another iPad to try, instead wait for the coming iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I couldn't believe my ears but I waited for half a year or more, and restraining my impatience for that long.   When iPad Pro and Apple Pencil were launched finally, everything was history. They worked well with Procreate, like a charm. I fell once again with sketching on the digital platform again. I have several blog posts before about how I felt with these devices but I will be posting them again here.
Students hard at work - iPad drawing

Digital Sketching with an iPad Pro | Apple Pencil[/caption] The latest version Procreate is doing much more now! When I bought Procreate for the first time, it cost me US5.95. It is costing a lot more now but not more than US10. An APP that costs so little, yet it is doing as much as what Photoshop could do. There are limitations but what it could offer is more than you could imagine. If you want layers, you have it. If you want to alter colours and tonal contrast, it can do too. You can customise brushes to suit your needs. You can have video export of your drawing process in a time lapse which Photoshop couldn't. The verdict is simple. If I am sketching on location with it, it is more than enough.

Digital Sketching with an iPad Pro | Apple Pencil

Urban Sketching with iPad Pro - Blair Road

Procreate on iPad Pro - a new tool to sketch on location

I cannot say I have fully exploited Procreate yet. From what I see on Youtube and Google, there are many others who have done so much more. I am simply scratching the surface. I believe with the devices and with the right program, location sketching and painting can be brought to a whole new level. And today I clocked in the pen mileage with a sketch/ drawing done in Starbucks at Harbourfront Center, after meeting up with a friend. I think I spent a little more than 30-40 mins on this sketch of the cafe, mainly filled with office workers who decided to extend their official meeting in an out-of-office location. They were fun to draw, mainly younger demographics. My idea of urban sketching is always capturing the sense of time and place of the location. How much of the sense of place? As much as time permits me to do so. I would include everything I could see within my scope of vision. Even when I was drawing with traditional medium, I would draw whatever that is in front of me without much editing. Why not?

Sketching in Starbucks

 In most cases, if I have the time, I would tell myself to draw "everything". I derive the satisfaction from doing exactly that. I just learned that I could turn Airplane Mode ON to save battery life. :D

Parkway Parade- sketching at the food center

Sketching on the iPad with Procreate - Kopitiam

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