Illustration Festival and Printing my own Zine

The first inaugural illustration festival jointly organised by Lasalle College of the Arts and OIC was just over, well at least the 2-day Artists' Market that I was involved with was closed on Sunday. This was in fact the first for me, and there were many 'first'. My first time compiling and printing a Zine containing my drawings and sketches; and my first in 'renting' a booth to sell my stuff. Of course I wouldn't do it alone. James and Andrew aka Drewscape were with me for a day on Saturday 29 Oct 2016. The reason being we could split the cost of renting the booth, which totalled up to about SGD6 for a single person.

James' comics of the booths
Here's a nice pix of the booth we set up together. Andrew who has the most experience in doing such things among 3 of us, did up a writeup and labels on the spot with his brown papers when he arrived. I did up an illustrated poster that I taped to a box. James and I would offer portrait drawing service to visitors. Other booths did better job than us quite certainly. It seemed everyone was really experienced. James did a comic on how everyone else took the the trouble to decorate and organise their store front. You can check out his Facebook if you want more of his comics.

James and I got some papers from RJ Papers (a local paper supplier) to print our zines with. Andrew was the first to make the zines. James followed and also persuaded me to do one for myself. It wasn't an easy task. The compiling and editing process took about 2-3 hours; recommended by Andrew, we took iPhone pics of our artwork and did the layout direct on InDesign, after making some image adjustment in terms of contrast and darkness of the lines. The printing part is easy but tedious too. I have to print the odd pages first and then feed the printed copies (just 1) into the printer to print the even pages on the opposite sides, so the book can be double sided, just like a book would. The it was folding the pages and putting them together with a long arm stapler. Next I placed all the printed copies under 4-5 heavy books to flatten the fold. They were left like this for over night. Then it was another 15 mins to sliced the book edges to make the pages flushed. All in all, the production is about 3-4 hours in total for 12 copies. I for browsing during the fair. Well, even the browsing copy was sold.

Printed copies of my zines
It was a great learning experience though. I enjoyed seeing the pages coming together to become a book. The best part was seeing someone coming to our booth to get the zines. All of us sold out our zines. Andrew took the trouble to go home to make more and came back after like 2 hours. The whole time I was drawing portraits and the queue kept getting longer. I might have done like 20 portraits. I didn't keep count but I did take some pics. Here are some of my favourite ones. I also discovered that most of customers are ladies and family with kids.

Just for fun, I did a poster to give our booth some publicity online and on Facebook.

I printed this on photo paper in post card size just in case someone wanted to get it. Yep eventually it was sold too. People buy all kinds of things in an artist's market. Thanks to James and Andrew, their popularity as online creators has benefitted me! :D

These bunch of girls love Andrew's stuff.

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