Inktober 2016 the first league

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Inktober 2016 arrived sooner than I thought. I haven't got a theme for myself yet so I decided to draw whatever that came to my mind, and whatever sketches I did with ink would be considered my contribution to this annual event that was started 2 years ago by Jake. My first was derived from a photo of a FB friend's brother. When I saw the pics on FB I thought of the dwarf in many mythological movies, one with weapon but one that looked kinder and less intimidating. As I was drawing it, I thought of drawing a wolf as his pet resting on his arm chair or something, while the dwarf was reading beside the candle stand.

Doing this was really fun as it reminds me how much fun I had when I started using the Pentel brush pen. I used both the regular Pentel brush pen and the pocket size pen, the latter for the lines and the former for filling in the darks. The greys were filled in by another brush pen with grey ink. The grey brush pen always come in handy when I wanted to make quick washes for tones.

The wolf was fun to draw too, so I thought maybe I should do another one related to wolf.

This reminds me of Princess Mononoke, one of my fav animated film by Miyazaki. But my interest in drawing wolves continued with the third one, challenging myself with drawing one snarling and another howling, a full body too.

The one day I decided to assembled a cute version of Briareos and that got me started to draw one in ink. I used a titanium g-nib I bought just recently and fitted it on an Ackerman Pump pen, which allows me to use a dip pen nib without dipping into ink constantly. The pump pen acts as a fountain pen and allows ink flow through its feed. It was messy to begin with but as you got used to the pen, everything takes off. I had a great time because I need not dip my pen in an ink bottle ever.

Then I got crazy and decided to fill an A3 size paper with ink doodle. The entire process took me about 2 hours. I am too lazy to scan so I am posting a phone capture of the drawing. Pardon the low resolution but who cares, not many people read my blog anyway.

The rest are #urbansketches I did with ink on sketchbook.

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