North coast of Singapore - Punggol Point

I only got to know about Punggol Jetty and Punggol Beach when I was Googling "beaches in Singapore". Before that, all I knew were East Coast Park beach, West Coast Park and Labrador Park. When I heard about Punggol beach, I have to go and sketch there. So it became a road trip for both my wife and myself, as we stay near the south west coast of Singapore (but its not what you think it is). The journey took us only about 40mins (including the time to find our way around). That was in 2011. The location was still in a shamble - undergoing a lot of makeover - the place is being redeveloped as a major recreational park for the residents living in the north. We found our way to the jetty and sat in a huge pavilion & shelter housing a police post and waiting area. There were quite many people there already. Some were waddling in the water but most were just sitting around enjoying the breeze. Plenty of anglers on the jetty too. From where we were we could see the southern coast of Malaysia - mainly industries, shipyards and docks. Not quite scenic but I love container ships and I could see lot of them.

What have changed since then? I think the jetty got longer... (just kidding). More parking lots, more restaurants maybe.... The park was opened shortly after our visit. We went back a second time just to see what the park is like. Pleasant, not that crowded, but terribly hot because the trees planted were little and not sufficiently big enough to provide any significant shade for us park visitors.
I read that the the jetty serves anyone who needs a ferry ride to the Outward Bound School which I think is located on the western part of an off-shore island named Pulau Ubin. Most people visit Pulau Ubin by taking a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.
I found a nice empty quiet spot not far from the jetty to paint this on #theperfectsketchbook. It was high tide so I wasn't sure how far the waves would come in. If I need to make a run back, it would be easy. In the end, I stayed at the same spot for 2 hours unscathed.

Not far from the jetty is a memorial heritage site to remember 400 Chinese civilians who were massacred there during WWII in 1942. It was known as the Sook Ching Massacre. The area was also known as Kangkar which means "river mouth" in Teochew. And I need to come back here during low tide. I saw pictures taken by someone else, of huge black boulders on the beach. I need to see them!!

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