Watercolour Plein air: Mount Faber

Mount Faber is only about 105m in height but it provides a beautiful panoramic view of the southern parts of Singapore. It is also part of Singapore's southern ridges that run from Mt. Faber and ends at West Coast Park. A 9km network of trails, bridges and walkways have been built to link these ridges. I live in the Telok Blangah Heights area which is also part of the southern ridges. For that I applaud my government and National Parks, an agency that manages the country's open spaces, and natural conservation areas.
My favourite part of Mt Faber is, it overlooks a fairly dense tropical rain forest with thick undergrowth over its slopes. Tall trees line the winding roads that lead up to the peak. These roads provide access for tour buses and vehicles to the cable car station located at the peak. Tourists can take a cable car ride to Sentosa island where Universal Studios is. 
I am not a big fan of tourist spot like this but since I wasn't here for a long time, it was worth while to linger a bit longer for a quick sketch. If not for the fact that I was attacked by mosquitoes, I would have enjoyed myself thoroughly as the weather, when I was there in the morning, was perfect!

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