Hazy Days... sketching in cafes

The month of September has been a hazy one, with PSI reaching up to 400 in some areas. The horizon is always white with buildings as near as 50m away appearing quite obscured. Moreover it gets pretty hard to breathe if you are walking on the streets without wearing a mask over your nose and mouth. I have not experienced so bad a condition before in my life. The situation got worst recently when a nearby typhoon changed wind direction and brought a lot more dust particles over our sky. PSI remains an average of 200 throughout the day for days. We have not seen blue sky for weeks now.

There was a day I decided to brave the haze and tried sketching in the open. Just within an hour, I was feeling a tat asthmatic already. It is therefore more practical to stay indoors and if I want to draw, I would visit a mall or sit in a coffeeshop, but not the alfresco types. Sketching in cafes is not so bad after all since we are in the comfort of air-con, shelter from the haze and we can layout our stuffs on the table and be seated throughout. No more backache from leaning over to reach out for our palettes.

A few of us decided to meet to sketch and at the same time visit a local art supply store.

While waiting for James to arrive. I sat at Yakun in the basement of Bugis Junction, which is located right above the train station.

We have Jace joining us at Straits Art Supply before heading to an indoor food place within Raffles City Shopping Mall. The N95 mask I got from Clara (the co-boss of Straits), made my journey to the shopping mall a lot more bearable. I envied my friends who did not require a mask.

We have a wonderful window view inside the food court, but I was drawn to sketching people right after finishing a sketch of Raffles Hotel viewed from within.

I couldn't resist sketching a wide scene of the food court. Everyone was engrossed in conversation or eating while most would look at their smart phones if they did not have company.

Sketching Jace.

Next destination: Capitol, a former movie theatre refurbished and newly opened for only 6 months. We chose "1933", a retro themed cafe to try cafe sketching. It was quite fun if you have interesting utensils, teacups, and table decorations.

An interesting looking bar counter was my next subject. It was also time to experiment with different approaches.

Last sketch for the day before we parted to mind our own business. Above: Jace in coloured pencils. Below: April putting colors on her sketch.

I continued sketching at Singapore General Hospital A&E where my father-in-law was waiting for his turn to see the doctor. It was no emergency so he waited 4-5 hours since 6pm in the evening. As usual the A&E was packed with people but I managed to find a seat and sketch a panoramic scene of the waiting area.

SGH A&E Waiting Area.

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