Day #1 of #INKTOBER

Day 01 - #inktober Simply love the idea. 30 drawings 30 days - for the month of October. I decided to do all my #inktober drawings in a hardbound sketchbook from Muji. It comes with a plastic cover so I decided to draw my first entry on the cover itself. Spent some time sketching with a marker for ideas at first and then another 30mins drawing and inking. My theme would be Portraits of Animals.
Brush pen and Marvy Technical Pens
Here are shots of the process and actual sketchbook.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I would finish 30 drawings. In 2 days time, I am participating in the 24hr Comics Day so feeling a little nervous at the moment, but I am all packed and ready to go. Here's a pic of my tools and materials I would be bringing. Keeping it simple!! I guess I would be packing in some instant coffee and snacks too. :D

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