Using a Wacom Cintiq 21UX and how I felt about it

A friend of mine passed me a used Wacom Cintiq 21UX and told me that it does not come with a power adaptor. I have to source it out myself. I was interested to test it out and decided to go all out to make it work.
The power adaptor was easily found online. It cost me about $30-40 to purchase and ship to Singapore. It wasn't a hassle but it took me a couple of weeks to do so. Finally I was able to power it up and work as a secondary monitor with both my iMac and Mac Mini, but not after another search for a DVI and Thunderbolt adaptor. It took a total of 2 months to get to this stage. Then I realised my Intuos 4 stylus pen does not work with the Cintiq. After a couple of days reading up and searching for answers from friends and from the Internet, I found out that my Cintiq is a first generation so it only works with an Intuos 3 stylus pen. I quickly post a help message on Facebook to see anyone has one to spare. Two friends responded and I got my stylus within 2 days. Thanks to social network.

First I connected the Cintiq to my Mac mini. It worked well but does not respond well. There is is always a long intermittent pause while I draw in Photoshop. Then there are those wobbly lines. I read on a forum I need to do a clean installation of the driver and maybe get a faster graphic card. I tried it on my iMac. I got much better response this time but the wobbly lines stay. I did a clean installation and tried out a couple of time with a legacy driver but to no avail. 

The wobbly lines come more evident when I am drawing on the lower left corner of the Cintiq and more so when I draw slowly. The lines look good when I speed up. After about 20 mins of drawing, I felt a little nauseous, and I think it was because of the monitor glare. I place it horizontally on my table so I guess I am too near to the monitor tablet. At the same time the screen surface is beginning to get very hot and soon quite unbearable on my palm. I also found out that the power switch is not working too. Well it's a used tablet.

When I draw with the Cintiq, I need to cock my head to the left as my palm is actually blocking my view, quite similar to drawing with pen and paper. Moreover, the Cintiq is a little higher than my table so my shoulder is raised too... I could get a sore shoulder eventually. Lastly the Cintiq is occupying a large portion of my desk so I have to reconfig my working desk again. I do agree that drawing with a Cintiq feels more natural, but I have been drawing on the tablet for so many years, I have to relearn the process of drawing on a Cintiq but I am loosing patience.

I wonder whether is it all worth it.

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