Sketching people at a birthday party

By Don Low

Not that I wasn't enjoying the party but when everyone was engaged in a conversation, I took out my sketchbook to sketch my friends while they were eating and talking. But I wasn't being anti-social because I was listening and even nodding to acknowledge something that they have said. Fortunately my friends have accepted me as a sketcher whenever I go and they do not think I am shunning a conversation with them. To me, the whole party thing became a lot more enjoyable and friends somehow do appreciate me sketching them too.

This is my friend's daughter, who is quite the active sort and wouldn't stay in a position for too long, usually less than a minute. For most part of the drawing, I relied on my memory, and sometimes abandoned the first pose to continue with the second, and then wait for her to resume to the first

I like to sketch my friends in their various poses, and if I can capture some likeness, I would be satisfied.

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