My Grandma-in-law....

According to Kat, her grandma led a bad life. She got married when she was very young and bore three children after. If I am not wrong, she was 15 years old since she was married. She managed her own business in Arab street that brought up her children single handedly. I couldn't really remember the details but I know 2 of her children passed away before her, leaving my dad-in-law. When we moved back from America and stayed with my dad-in-law, she moved in too from her Sin Ming Road HDB flat. Since then her condition has been deteriorating due to old age but she was still in good spirit. I wasn't really close to her but I did see her almost every day. There were some unpleasant episodes between her and my mom-in-law but those were just some of the many squabbles that happened in the house. For 2 years I saw her getting older and weaker but there was nothing I could do. A week before end of January, she got admitted to CGH and was diagnosed with pneumonia and heart disease. 3 days later she passed on. We were able to spend her last moments by her side and we believed she left peacefully. The wake and Buddhist funeral rites was carried out for the next 2 days at Sin Ming Funeral Parlor, and on the third, the eve of Chinese New Year Eve, she was buried at Choa Chu Kang cemetery. These are the sketches done during the funeral wake and the burial ceremony.

Buddhist Monk offering prayer to the deceased.

Family members offering prayer

 Relatives and friends visiting on the first day of the wake

Relatives and Friends visiting on the second day of the wake

I sketched the stuff that would be placed on tables for the visitors to the wake service. According to the ritualistic believes, it is mandatory for any visitors or mourners to hold a piece of the red string when they leave. They have to discard the strong before they reach their homes. Packet drinks, peanuts and melon seeds are usually served during the wake.

The funeral band on the third day. It was supposed to be a happy thing. Loud music was played to send the deceased on their way to the other world.

The burial rites - more chanting as the coffin was lowered into the dug space in the cemetery. All visitors and mourners would have to look away during this process.

Rest in peace Grandma.

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