Acquaintance with Tanglin Halt...

I have been here with some of my sketcher friends on a couple of occasions, but have not really explored the location as much as I wanted to. Tanglin Halt is quite an old estate, established in the 70s and is part of the Queenstown Planning Area. Tanglin Halt consists of rows of ten storey flats that led to people calling the area "Cap Lau Cu"(十楼厝. When I was little I used to visit the Central Library branch at Queenstown. Afterwhich I have never been back. With the Urban sketchers (Singapore), I revisited the place and got re-aquainted with the how quaint the estate is. I returned to the food centre for food and a couple of sketching expeditions. Then recently, through a friend's initiative, I accessed the green corridor via Tanglin Halt area and found a new whole new world untouched by urbanisation.

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