Gone and back again... Tiong Bahru Estate


[caption id="attachment_1384" align="alignnone" width="525" caption="Coffee & Breakfast @ Tiong Bahru"][/caption]

Even after the gallery show, I have been back to Tiong Bahru now and then just because the estate is very near to where my wife works. However each time when I was there, it felt different all the time. My wife does not like the buildings in Tiong Bahru; she said they look more or less like asylums with white walls and flat roofs, even though there are round corners. I like the ambiance the place carries, with the usual morning hustle and bustle which dies down as afternoon approaches and after the lunch crowds departs. I like how the shops are selling stuffs which are cheap and things which we use everyday; and how the goods are laid out so haphazardly you have to look very closely to find what you need. I also like how the pace of life slows to a stroll too. With every place commercialized and urbanized and modernized in Singapore, this is where you would find a little heritage and memory to live by. :D

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